TechUS struggles to meet global demand for Bradley fighting vehicles

US struggles to meet global demand for Bradley fighting vehicles

Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, illustrative photo
Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, illustrative photo
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Mateusz Tomczak

26 June 2024 16:57

Bradley fighting vehicles are rapidly depleting from U.S. warehouses. This problem may affect not only Ukraine, which has been systematically receiving them as part of aid packages but also any other country interested in purchasing these vehicles for their own needs.

The diminishing reserves of Bradley fighting vehicles were revealed during a recent visit to the United States by a Greek delegation, which was negotiating the details related to acquiring these machines to enhance the capabilities of the Greek army.

"Although 164 Bradley fighting vehicles were secured for Greece, it was already necessary to organise the available reserves in two storage bases," analysts highlight on the Defence Express portal. The Greeks' original plans for the Bradley fighting vehicles were more ambitious, as local media reported an interest in more than 300 such vehicles.

Fewer Bradley fighting vehicles available

As noted, The Military Balance 2023 report indicated that the United States had about 2,000 M2 Bradleys and about 800 M3 Bradleys in its storage bases. However, analysts suggest that "it should be taken into account that some of these vehicles are partially disassembled and may only be suitable as parts donors."

The M2 Bradley is an infantry fighting vehicle equipped with an M242 Bushmaster automatic cannon, 25 mm calibre, dual-feed system, and a rate of fire of up to 200 rounds per minute, a 7.62 mm calibre machine gun allowing the crew to eliminate lightly armoured targets and enemy soldiers, and a TOW anti-tank missile launcher.

The vehicle is very well armoured, but despite weighing over 20,000 kg, it maintains high mobility and can reach speeds of over 65 km/h.

The M3 Bradley, on the other hand, is a less common reconnaissance variant. Compared to the M2 Bradley, it mainly differs in its limitations for carrying infantry (in favour of carrying more ammunition).

A weapon that performs excellently in Ukraine

As part of the support in the fight against Russia, Ukraine has received more than 250 M2 Bradley fighting vehicles from the United States. Ukrainian soldiers have repeatedly spoken highly of their capabilities. Numerous reports and recordings from the front indicate that crews operating the M2 Bradley can effectively stand up to Russian vehicles of the same category and even tanks.

It's worth adding that the U.S. Army has already introduced the following variant of this infantry fighting vehicle - M2A4E1 Bradley. It is expected to be even tougher than its predecessors, and the improvements will be based on knowledge gained from the front in Ukraine.

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