NewsUkraine targets key Russian drone bases in major military push

Ukraine targets key Russian drone bases in major military push

Ukrainians attack in Russia. They have a specific goal.
Ukrainians attack in Russia. They have a specific goal.
Images source: © East News | Evgeniy Maloletka
Maciej Zubel

28 June 2024 13:36

The Ukrainian army is increasingly targeting locations on Russian territory. According to the British Ministry of Defence, Ukrainian forces are currently focusing on shelling bases that launch Russian drones. Drone attacks are Russia's primary tool for striking targets in Ukraine.

The British Defence Ministry emphasises that Ukraine has indirectly forced Russia to rely mainly on drones, as Ukraine effectively defends its airspace against Russian aviation dominance.

The inability of Russian fighters and bombers to operate freely over Ukraine means that the enemy is forced to use the capabilities provided by cheap drones.

Russia uses drones to pressure Ukrainian air defence and to attack targets, both military and civilian, that are beyond the range of artillery.

Key base in Russia attacked: Major operation by the Ukrainian army

To prevent further drone attacks, on 21 June, the Ukrainian army struck the Russian 726th Air Defence Training Centre, located at the airfield in Yeysk, Krasnodar Krai. This base is situated by the Sea of Azov, allowing the Ukrainian Navy to participate in the operation.

The centre in Yeysk is one of at least five similar facilities from which Russia launches drones against Ukraine. As a result of the strike, 120 drones were reportedly destroyed, and nine people were injured.

"It is highly likely that, in the short term, these strikes will cause some disruption to Russia's ability to use UAVs to strike targets deep within Ukrainian territory from these locations. There is a realistic possibility that Russia will disperse its UAV operations to less vulnerable bases and hence the impact will likely be temporary. It is likely that Ukraine will exploit its recent successes and continue with its counter-UAV campaign to the detriment of Russia," reads the British MOD's daily intelligence update.

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