NewsTurkish foreign minister warns of escalating global conflict risks

Turkish foreign minister warns of escalating global conflict risks

The Turkish Foreign Minister spoke about the risk of World War III.
The Turkish Foreign Minister spoke about the risk of World War III.
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26 June 2024 11:19

Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said the world should seriously consider the risk of World War III. "I think the world must take this scenario seriously," he added when asked about the situation in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip.

Hakan Fidan, when asked whether the world should expect a significant war considering the situation in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip, conveyed that "the world must take this risk seriously".

The Minister also informed us that Turkey is in talks with all parties regarding the war in Ukraine, and the Daily Sabah portal reported it on Monday evening. Recently, Fidan visited Russia, where he met, among others, with Vladimir Putin.

During this meeting, the head of Turkish diplomacy conveyed his country's stance on Russia's war against Ukraine. Fidan pointed out that the war may incur enormous costs for the region and the whole world, especially in the context of the risk of its escalation and the potential use of nuclear weapons.

"We told our counterparts that peace is fundamental regarding the issue of Ukraine and that Russia must define its position," said Fidan. He also mentioned that after he met with Putin, the Russian president announced a list of peace conditions. Fidan assessed that "there is always room for negotiations" and that these talks should be supported. However, he believes this process is delayed due to elections in Europe and the USA.

Turkish Minister on the risk of using nuclear weapons

Minister Fidan also expressed concerns about the risk of using nuclear weapons if the war continues. He stressed that due to its location, Turkey is exposed to threats related to the war in Ukraine—in the Black Sea basin—as well as the conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Mediterranean basin.

Fidan also criticised the Cypriot authorities for allowing Israel to turn part of the island into an "operational base”, as reported by Daily Sabah. "Regional players must see the militarisation of the island and prevent this," said the Minister.

Last week, the leader of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, threatened Cyprus that if it allows Israel to use its airports and bases for military exercises, Hezbollah might consider it as "part of the war" between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas in the Gaza Strip. However, the Cypriot authorities emphasised that the country is not involved in any armed conflicts.

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