LifestyleTrentino launches bear spray initiative amidst rising bear encounters

Trentino launches bear spray initiative amidst rising bear encounters

Bears are increasingly entering Italian cities
Bears are increasingly entering Italian cities
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27 June 2024 11:07

Bears are increasingly terrorising the Italian province of Trentino. The animals approach homes and wander the streets in search of food. The authorities have devised a plan to address this issue and ensure the residents' safety.

According to official data, 98 bears over a year old live in Trentino. However, the news agency Agi does not rule out that there may be up to 120. These wild mammals are also abundant in neighbouring South Tyrol.

Bears roaming in Italian cities

Bears are increasingly strolling through city streets. A few weeks ago, a bear approached a polling station in the town of Bozzana in the province of Trentino while votes were being counted in the European elections.

In Male, a confused, large bear wandered the streets searching for food during celebrations honouring the patron saint. Another bear destroyed two beehives and tried to open four more to get to the honey.

A solution to the bear problem

In Trentino, the presence of these animals causes particular concern among the populace, especially after a jogger was fatally attacked in the forest last year. It was the first such incident this century. The authorities, therefore, want to implement a new plan to provide residents with a greater sense of security.

The head of the local government, Maurizio Fugatti, informed the Environment Minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin of the intention to distribute special bear repellent spray to the residents. “All residents of the Trentino province should be equipped with bear spray,” said the head of the local authorities. He believes this is necessary due to the increasing number of bears entering towns and villages.

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