EntertainmentTrejo speaks out after parade brawl: 'I panicked over acid'

Trejo speaks out after parade brawl: 'I panicked over acid'

Danny Trejo explains his involvement in a fight
Danny Trejo explains his involvement in a fight
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Magdalena Drozdek

8 July 2024 07:47

Danny Trejo got involved in a street fight during the Independence Day parade. Videos of the incident quickly began circulating online. The actor had to explain what exactly happened. He spoke of provocation.

Danny Trejo is an actor famous for his roles in Robert Rodriguez's films. "Desperado," "From Dusk Till Dawn," and "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" are just a few of them. He has starred in productions such as "Machete," "Machete Kills," "Spy Kids," and "Heat." Trejo is also a restaurateur and philanthropist. On 4th July, he took his collectible car to a parade in Sunland-Tujunga, Los Angeles. There, someone threw a water balloon at his car. The actor was furious. He got out, entered the crowd of parade participants, and began searching for the attacker. A scuffle ensued.

Danny Trejo explains what happened on 4th july

When Trejo exited the car, someone hit him again with a water balloon. A recording of the incident made its way online. As we reported, it shows Trejo trying to punch one of the men but missing. Amid the chaos, he grabs a chair and throws it into the crowd. Someone continually tries to stop Trejo from fully engaging in the fight. First, his friends pull him away, then a woman does. In the background, people constantly shout: "For goodness sake, there are children here!"

Journalists from TMZ.com met with Trejo and his friend so he could provide details of what happened during the parade. As the actor admitted, in the chaos, he heard that the balloon was filled with acid, thus his violent reaction. He also heard someone from the crowd shouting vulgarities at him. According to Trejo, the fight broke out because someone didn't like that they were of Mexican descent.

"I’m so sad, by the way I behaved, so sad that grown men have to throw water balloons to enjoy a day," says Trejo. "I don’t think I would’ve gotten out of the car if someone hadn’t yelled, ‘It’s acid.’ ," says the actor. It quickly turned out that it wasn't acid but just water.

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