NewsTragedy in the Aegean: Greek islands devastated by raging fires

Tragedy in the Aegean: Greek islands devastated by raging fires

Fires are ravaging Greece
Fires are ravaging Greece
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Marcin Lewicki

30 June 2024 12:09

Fire is consuming more areas of Greece. The aftermath of the fire on Serifos Island in the Aegean Sea is disastrous. Local authorities report burned homes and warehouses. "It’s a biblical catastrophe. The entire southwestern part of the island has burned," said Serifos Mayor Konstantinos Rewintis.

Traveling to some areas of Greece may be dangerous. Half of the country is under a high fire risk zone. On Saturday (29 June), more than 50 fires broke out. Firefighters battled flames on Serifos Island in the Aegean Sea.

The Greeks struggled to control the blaze. Initially, one fire engine with four firefighters, water tankers, two planes, and a helicopter were deployed to fight the fire. Only the support of units from Athens and Piraeus managed to control the situation.

Tragic aftermath of the fire in Greece

Despite this, the aftermath is disastrous. Residents who left their possessions, evacuating to a safe place, may no longer have anything to return to. Many homes, warehouses, and other buildings were consumed by fire, spread by strong winds.

The fire is under control (...). Now we’re just watching. The entire southwestern part of the island of Serifos has burned. It’s a biblical catastrophe – said Konstantinos Rewintis, mayor of the island, in an interview with "eKathimerini", quoted by PAP.

About 1,000 people permanently live on Serifos Island (part of the Cyclades). It lies south of Kythnos and northeast of Sifnos. Part of the myth of Perseus played out here. The island is relatively untouched by tourism. It’s called a "mining island" because iron ores and other minerals were extracted here.

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