LifestyleTourist warns of food poisoning risk at Dominican Republic resorts

Tourist warns of food poisoning risk at Dominican Republic resorts

She had dinner in the Dominican Republic and ended up in hospital. Now she warns others.
She had dinner in the Dominican Republic and ended up in hospital. Now she warns others.
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Anna Wajs-Wiejacka

27 June 2024 18:31

The Dominican Republic is quite popular among tourists but has a bad reputation. Many visitors to this country have experienced food poisoning, including an American tourist who ended up in the hospital after one all-inclusive dinner. She is now warning others.

Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic tops this infamous ranking. According to tourists' accounts, food poisoning is quite common here. According to the "Fakt" portal, as much as 10 percent of visitors to this place reported stomach problems in the first few days of their stay. An American tourist experienced this herself and shared her experience online.

The American woman went on her honeymoon to the Dominican Republic with her husband. They had a romantic, all-inclusive dinner together. The couple was tempted by sushi, which the tourist regretted a few hours later.

1am rolls around and I'm throwing up like crazy, then it's dry heaving for another hour. We call the resort doctor, he takes my temperature and listens to my belly with a big "oh no" face, so guess who gets to go to a clinic in a foreign land (we're in the Dominican Republic)? Me!!' — the tourist recounted on Reddit.

The woman ended up in the hospital due to a bacterial infection. Not only did the gastrointestinal symptoms hit her hard, but the infection also hit their wallets. At the time of posting, the woman had spent £3,300.

"Be better than me," she urges other tourists

The American tourist urged other people not to make her mistake. She herself did not choose to purchase health insurance before flying to the Dominican Republic. She emphasised that this was a serious mistake because she had to pay for the treatment out of her own pocket.

BGet Travelers insurance, be better than me. Don't know what the resort will do but it sounds like they're willing to work with us. — she appealed to others.
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