News'Tinder rapist' caught in dramatic beach arrest on Costa del Sol

'Tinder rapist' caught in dramatic beach arrest on Costa del Sol

Shocking scenes on the beach. "Tinder rapist" arrested
Shocking scenes on the beach. "Tinder rapist" arrested
Images source: © Guardia Civil
Jakub Artych

5 July 2024 10:43

Spanish police have released photos from the arrest of 55-year-old James Clacher, known as the "Tinder rapist." The operation occurred on the Spanish Costa del Sol beach in Andalusia.

James Clacher was hanging upside down from a rope during a workout when two plainclothes officers pretending to be tourists apprehended him on Costa del Sol. The arrest occurred in May, but the police only shared photos from the operation.

According to British media, Clacher is believed to be responsible for sexually assaulting two women in Scotland. He allegedly met his victims through a popular dating app.

Officers took him to the police station, where they fingerprinted him and took a mugshot. Clacher has been charged with raping a woman in a flat in Troon in August 2019 and committing another attack on a woman in a flat in Gorbals, Glasgow, in September 2020.

Two years ago, Clacher faked his disappearance at a Scottish loch. At that time, his clothes and a Suzuki Swift were found.

Since then, Clacher has been using a false identity and is well-known in the local sports community.

The 55-year-old man was arrested in Spain based on an international arrest warrant, confirmed the Spanish police.

The 55-year-old from Scotland was supposed to stand trial accused of assaulting two women he met on a dating site, but he disappeared before appearing in court in 2022.

His case is currently being handled by the National Court in Madrid.

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