NewsTenerife father abandons children in car park, flees police

Tenerife father abandons children in car park, flees police

An infant and a 7-year-old left in a car park in a car. The father pretended they weren't his children.
An infant and a 7-year-old left in a car park in a car. The father pretended they weren't his children.
Images source: © Local Police of Canarias Blog
Bartłomiej Nowak

4 July 2024 18:42

A woman noticed two children locked in a car in a car park in Tenerife and called the police to the scene. Officers identified the man, and he... pretended it wasn't his car or his children. He then fled the scene. There is also a Polish element in this case.

The terrifying incident involving an infant and a 7-year-old girl took place in the car park of the Apollo shopping centre in Tenerife. The children's father had left them in the car and gone... to the hairdresser.

A woman who witnessed the entire event reported the situation to the police. She was concerned that the two girls were left unattended and locked in the car in the parking lot outside the shopping centre.

Officers searched for the girls' parents in the shopping centre. It turned out that the children's father provided the police with different information and then ran away. There is also a Polish element in this case.

The children's father sent a friend to explain everything to the police and to collect the girls. The 35-year-old identified by the police turned out to be Polish. He told the police that his friend asked him to pick up the children because "he couldn't do it himself." Seeing that he was getting nowhere, the man called the girls' father and asked him to collect the children.

Finally, the police took the children to the station. After analysing all the documents that the officers found in the car, they were able to identify both parents. The officers informed the children's mother about the whole situation. The terrified 27-year-old British tourist came to the station to pick up her daughters.

The 38-year-old father of the children, on the other hand, is being sought by local police. An arrest warrant has been issued for him – he is suspected of abandoning two minors. It is not known whether his wife will find him first or whether the local officers will.

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