EntertainmentTaylor Swift in the crosshairs as Andrew Tate's latest target

Taylor Swift in the crosshairs as Andrew Tate's latest target

Andrew Tate attacks Taylor Swift
Andrew Tate attacks Taylor Swift
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26 June 2024 14:41

The first alpha male on the internet is on attack. This time, Andrew Tate has targeted the current most popular singer in the world, Taylor Swift. The influencer did not hold back in his words. Along the way, many women were also caught in the crossfire.

The popularity of Taylor Swift carries potential problems. Crowds gather outside her apartment in New York, and every Swift fan knows the addresses of her properties. Although every concert the singer announces sells out at a dizzying speed, Taylor Swift has as many fans as haters. Gossip portals follow her every move, commenting on everything from her partner to clothes to potential pregnancies several times a year. When criticising the artist, they use everything to bring down the American star.

Andrew Tate attacks again

The content published by Andrew Tate can be divided into two categories: attacking everyone deemed weak by the influencer, such as those in a mental crisis, women, and the LGBT community. The second post type is directed at other alpha males or men aspiring to that title. Tate advises them on what to do to be like him. The influencer regularly suggests gym visits, sex with anyone available, and breaking women's hearts who only deserve it.

This time, Andrew Tate took aim at Taylor Swift. The influencer noticed the huge interest generated by the singer and wanted to bask in her spotlight. Tate wrote on Twitter: "I could easily f***k Taylor Swift and end her feminism shit real G d***k moves but she’s ancient. Pyramids were brand new when she was born. THIRTY FOUR!?"

Tate attacks women

On the occasion of one post, Andrew Tate also attacked other women who live on Earth above the age of 30. The toxic influencer wrote, "If you're a girl, why even live past 30 unless you have kids?" once again reinforcing the stereotype that a woman's life should revolve solely around children and a husband, for whom she needs to cook, do laundry, iron, and fulfil all wishes.

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