EntertainmentTattooed couple in Germany defy online hate to share their love story

Tattooed couple in Germany defy online hate to share their love story

A couple from Dortmund have over 360 tattoos.
A couple from Dortmund have over 360 tattoos.
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25 June 2024 11:56

Tobias Müller and Lenie-Marie Duhn are ardent fans of tattoos and piercings. They have hundreds between them. They shared their story and how they handled hateful comments.

German tattoo enthusiast Tobias Müller is often recognised for his "extreme" appearance. The 33-year-old claims his addiction hasn't cost him a penny since he fell in love with 24-year-old tattoo artist Lenie-Marie Duhn in March 2018, who has done most of his ink. Together, the couple boasts 360 tattoos and 54 piercings.

The tattooed couple is the target of hate on social media

The couple from Dortmund, Germany, shares their modifications with fans on social media. Not everyone is thrilled with their extreme appearance. Duhn and Müller spoke about their experiences with online trolls judging their appearance to the British newspaper, "Mirror." Despite the hostile reception from some of the public, the couple remains positive and loves their modifications. They say: "People constantly troll us, but our love is stronger than hate."

Müller confessed: There are regular hateful comments, such as that I would have to be mentally ill with the way I look." He added that he was also told that he must have had a lousy childhood, would never find a job, and received other harsh comments. Someone said they wished he would go blind because of his eye tattoo.

Duhn confirmed: "I’ve often had requests to kill myself, which has emotionally hurt me — but we normally try to ignore them and simply delete any negative comments." The woman emphasised: "[there are some] positive comments, too, where we’ve been described as a work of art and in public, people ask for photos with us."

The tattoo enthusiasts met on Instagram. Müller sent a DM to Duhn when he stumbled upon her profile. They have been together for six years. They still love spending time in each other's company and have similar interests outside of tattoos and modifications - such as music and films. Müller confessed: "I love her character, the way she loves and accepts me as I am, with all my quirks and mistakes. I think we complement each other very well" Duhn added: "I find everything about him attractive, such as his style and physique – especially his smile. When he looks at me with those dimples, I love it. I also love his butt and belly."

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