TechTaking snapshots of appliances: A simple trick for a stress-free holiday

Taking snapshots of appliances: A simple trick for a stress-free holiday

 photo: Getty Images
photo: Getty Images

27 June 2024 15:04

Vacation season is starting, and going on holiday is a time when it’s worth taking care of not just your luggage but also the safety of your home. This is especially true if you tend to forget whether you turned off all electrical devices before leaving.

Everyone has hurried out of the house at some point. In such situations, it's easy to forget a charger in an outlet or a burner on the hob. Here are some tips on securing your home before going on holiday and avoiding unnecessary stress.

Why take a picture of the hob before leaving?

Taking pictures of the hob before a long trip makes sense. It can save you from many damages and unnecessary costs and provide peace of mind during your holiday. Thanks to the photos, you’ll avoid intrusive thoughts like: "Did I turn off the hob?" and stop worrying. This kind of uncertainty and negative thoughts can quickly ruin any trip. By using this method, you can enjoy peace and good weather. Naturally, you can also take pictures of other appliances, not just the hob.

Not just a trick for the forgetful

Before you close the door behind you or head to the train with your bags - take photos of your household appliances. Of course, first, unplug them from the power source. The pictures will help ensure that everything is turned off and that your home remains safe and not at risk of fire.

If in doubt, you can easily reach for your phone and check the state of your appliances in the photos. It’s also worth photographing valuable items. This way, when you return, you'll quickly notice if something is missing. If a break-in occurs, such photos will help the police determine exactly what was stolen. The holiday season is excellent for relaxation, but thieves are always active and waiting for the moment we let our guard down and leave home. Therefore, it’s better to secure your home in advance.

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