LifestyleSugar in your shampoo: The natural remedy to combat hair loss

Sugar in your shampoo: The natural remedy to combat hair loss

How to reduce hair loss?
How to reduce hair loss?
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9 July 2024 16:14

Are you having trouble with hair loss? If you like affordable and natural care methods, try this trick with sugar. Add it to your shampoo, and you'll notice the first effects after a week.

Hair loss affects both women and men worldwide. There are many methods to reduce hair loss, but this simple trick proves to be extremely effective. You only need one thing, which you likely already have in your kitchen cabinet. Add it to your shampoo, and after a week, you'll notice that your hair stops falling out as much.

Add a tablespoon to your shampoo. Your hair will stop falling out as much

The life cycle of a hair lasts about four years. This means that it begins to fall out after four years, and new hair emerges from the follicle after some time. Hair loss is an entirely natural phenomenon, but the problem starts when it falls out in handfuls. This can result from various factors such as a poorly balanced diet, hormonal disorders, vitamin deficiencies or high levels of stress.

How can you stop hair loss? Start by visiting a doctor who will order the appropriate tests. If the results are expected, take care of your scalp. You can find many shampoos and scalp treatments in stores and chemists dedicated to weak, fragile scalps prone to hair loss.

Don't want to spend that much money? Try one of the proven home methods. You only need one thing—sugar. Add a tablespoon to your shampoo, then massage the mixture into your scalp and leave it for a minute. Try not to miss any area. This way, you will eliminate dead skin cells and stimulate the hair follicles to grow. You will notice the effect after the first treatment. Repeat it once a week, and your hair will stop falling out as much.

Herbs instead of cosmetics

Not only food products but also plants can help combat hair loss. Rosemary, nettle, and peppermint are herbs used in folk medicine for centuries to improve hair condition. Rosemary stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, which promotes better nourishment of the hair follicles.

Nettle, rich in silicon and other minerals, strengthens the hair and prevents it from falling out. Peppermint has a refreshing and antibacterial effect, which can help combat dandruff. Using infusions of these herbs as hair rinses or adding them to shampoos can significantly improve their condition.

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