FoodStrawberry surprise: Irresistible coconut-chocolate balls recipe

Strawberry surprise: Irresistible coconut-chocolate balls recipe

Chocolate-coconut balls with a surprise
Chocolate-coconut balls with a surprise
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1 July 2024 09:36

Power Balls gained significant popularity thanks to Anna Lewandowska. However, in this version, they taste their best. A chocolate cake with coconut shavings conceals a delightful and straightforward strawberry centre. It is sweet, fruity, and delicious.

Coconut-chocolate balls make the perfect bite-sized dessert. Place a plate of these treats on the table; before you know it, there will be only crumbs left. While they may appear quite ordinary, they enchant our taste buds with various flavours. You'll notice a hint of cocoa, divine coconut, invigorating coffee, and a juicy strawberry hidden in the middle.

Coconut-chocolate balls with strawberry

These cookies offer a sweet surprise with a strawberry centre that is simply irresistible. They look charming, and their taste leaves everyone swooning with delight. Serve them to your children, present them at friends' gatherings, take them to work, or even offer them to the most discerning mother-in-law. Everyone exclaims "wow" after taking a bite, followed by numerous requests for the recipe.


  • 8 oz of soft butter
  • 1 oz of icing sugar
  • 1.5 teaspoons of cocoa
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar
  • 28 oz of oats
  • 3.5 oz of black coffee
  • 10 oz of strawberries
  • 7 oz of coconut shavings


Step 1: Transfer the soft butter to a large bowl. Add cocoa, vanilla sugar, and oats. Brew 3.5 oz of black coffee—the stronger it is, the more intense the flavour will be in the mixture. Cool the coffee and add it to the butter mixture. Mix until the ingredients are combined. I use a dough hook attachment, but you can knead the dough by hand.

Step 2: Form a ball from the prepared dough and wrap it in cling film. Place it in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Step 3: Meanwhile, wash the strawberries, dry them, and cut off the stalks. Once the dough is chilled, take it out of the fridge and unwrap it. Tear off pieces of dough, flatten them in your hands, place a strawberry inside, and wrap the dough around it to form a ball.

Cake© Delicacies

Step 4: Roll the balls in coconut shavings and refrigerate for 20 minutes. After this time, they are ready to be enjoyed. Bon appétit!

Wrapping balls
Wrapping balls© Delicacies
Wrapping balls
Wrapping balls© Delicacies
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