LifestyleStoring chicken broth: Preserve taste for days or even months

Storing chicken broth: Preserve taste for days or even months

This is how you prepare perfectly clear broth
This is how you prepare perfectly clear broth
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1 July 2024 16:08

Chicken broth is one of my favourite soups. What should we do if we don't eat the entire pot of soup at once? Our grandmothers already knew how to store this delicacy so we could enjoy its delicious taste later.

Indeed, each of us has cooked a bit too much for dinner. Even if we are fans of a particular dish, sometimes it's impossible to consume everything at once.

What should we do if we have too much delicious chicken broth? Properly stored, it doesn't lose its taste. However, we must remember a few essential factors that led to this.

Aromatic chicken broth after a few days in the refrigerator? It's possible

How should we store chicken broth if we want it to retain its aroma and not spoil? Our grandmothers probably already used the following method, ensuring the soup would still be good after several days.

Chicken broth can be preserved in jars. First, strain the broth to remove the vegetables and meat, then boil the clear broth again. Next, pour it into pre-sterilised jars, which must be tightly sealed and turned upside down. Let them cool down, covering them with a blanket. Once the jars are cold, place them in the refrigerator. Chicken broth stored this way can last for even a few weeks!

Can chicken broth be stored in the freezer?

Many people wonder if soups can be frozen. What about chicken broth? The broth can be safely frozen if we remove the meat and vegetables. The wholly cooled broth should be poured into ziplock bags. Remember not to fill the containers to the top; the frozen liquid will expand, which could cause the bag to burst. Each separate suitcase should also be labelled with the date the broth was made - the broth can be stored in the freezer for about six months.

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