SportsSpain's footballer hidden talent revealed ahead of Germany clash

Spain's footballer hidden talent revealed ahead of Germany clash

Robin Le Normand playing the piano
Robin Le Normand playing the piano
Images source: © X | SEFutbol
Sebastian Szczytkowski

5 July 2024 08:31

The Spanish national team is in the final stages of preparation for the Euro 2024 quarter-finals. Their opponents will be Germany. Robin Le Normand has repeatedly shown his prowess on the field, and this time, he demonstrated his piano-playing skills.

There are increasingly fewer candidates for the European Championship in Germany. Specifically, eight, and on Friday and Saturday, they will face off in the Euro 2024 quarter-finals. Spain had no trouble reaching this stage, but the challenge might be more significant now. At 5 PM on Friday, their big showdown against Germany will begin.

The Spaniards have five days to prepare for the match against the tournament hosts after their previous 4-1 victory over Georgia. During this time, Robin Le Normand chose to showcase his piano-playing skills.

Football is Robin Le Normand's first love, but he also has a passion for music. He has continued his piano lessons, which allow him to relax and detach from the pressures of big matches.

The official Spanish national team profile on the social media platform X features a recording of Robin Le Normand playing the piano. The player performs a soothing piece and speaks about his hidden talent.

Fans in Spain are hoping for an equally stellar performance from the Real Sociedad player in the match against Germany. So far, the defender has played in every Euro 2024 match. In three out of four appearances, he played from start to finish, and La Roja is marching confidently from victory to victory.

"Intelligent and multi-talented players are in demand," wrote one internet user on the social media platform. Robin Le Normand has not revealed whether a music career was his backup plan if he failed in sports.

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