SportsSilver showdown: Euro 2024 semifinals kick off with new ball

Silver showdown: Euro 2024 semifinals kick off with new ball

Representatives of Spain with the silver ball
Representatives of Spain with the silver ball
Images source: © EPA, PAP | RONALD WITTEK
Sebastian Szczytkowski

9 July 2024 20:04

The semifinals of Euro 2024 will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday. The ball used in the last two stages of the tournament will differ in appearance compared to the group stage to the quarterfinals, featuring a predominantly silver colour.

Adidas manufactures the balls used in the Euro 2024 matches. In agreement with the tournament organiser, UEFA, they have prepared a special ball for the last three matches of Euro 2024.

The ball is primarily silver but also features colours similar to those on the German flag. The "Fussballliebe Finale" is decorated with various shapes, with the leading being a triangle.

The previously used balls had a similar motif, but they were predominantly white. The silver colour was agreed upon with the players, who tested whether it affected play in stadiums illuminated by floodlights.

Fussballliebe Finale will be used for the first time on Tuesday at 8 PM GMT. In the first semifinal of Euro 2024, the teams of Spain and France will face off. La Roja reached the medal zone after winning all five of their matches. Meanwhile, France drew with three opponents and before the semifinal managed to score only three goals in 480 minutes.

The second semifinal is on Wednesday. In Dortmund, the teams of England and the Netherlands will meet. The lineup of this semifinal is also excellent, as both teams are in the top eight of the FIFA rankings. England had its problems before reaching the medal zone, but ultimately used extra time to eliminate Slovakia and a penalty shootout to defeat Switzerland.

The final will be the highlight of Euro 2024. The winners of the semifinals will meet on Sunday at 8 PM GMT in Berlin. Near the western border of Poland, we will learn the new European champion, as the previous champion Italy was eliminated at the beginning of the knockout stage.

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