NewsSerifos island fire contained but mayor warns of 'biblical catastrophe'

Serifos island fire contained but mayor warns of 'biblical catastrophe'

Fire on the island of Serifos under control
Fire on the island of Serifos under control
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30 June 2024 12:53

The fire that broke out on Saturday afternoon on the Greek island of Serifos in the Aegean Sea has been controlled. However, the counting of losses has now begun. The effects of the fire are very severe, and the mayor assessed that the island has experienced a "biblical catastrophe."

Mayor Konstantinos Revintis informed that the fire on Serifos Island is now under control, and the situation is being analysed. The entire southwestern part of the island has been burned.

Mayor speaks of enormous destruction

Initially, only one fire truck with four firefighters, water tankers, two aeroplanes, and a helicopter were involved in the firefighting operation. Before 4:00 PM GMT on Saturday, an additional team consisting of 22 firefighters and 11 fire trucks departed from the port of Piraeus to support the efforts on the island.

Due to the rapid-fire spread caused by strong winds, residents of many localities were evacuated.

On Saturday, the mayor, referring to the situation on the island, spoke of a "biblical catastrophe." - The front is 14 kilometres long. We are talking about enormous destruction. Burned houses, burned warehouses - he informed.

Serifos Island, which is part of the Cyclades archipelago, is permanently inhabited by just over 1,000 people.

On Saturday, about 50 fires broke out in Greece. Half of the country was placed under an elevated fire risk zone over the weekend.

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