NewsSenator Graham warns of more challenging Trump race if Biden replaced

Senator Graham warns of more challenging Trump race if Biden replaced

Fears Biden's resignation. "The race will be different"
Fears Biden's resignation. "The race will be different"
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Jakub Artych

10 July 2024 06:48

Senator Lindsey Graham is concerned that replacing Joe Biden with another candidate could make Donald Trump's race for the US presidency "dramatically different." The elections in the United States will take place in November.

Senator Lindsey Graham, a longtime ally of Donald Trump, said on CBS's "Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan" that a new Democratic contender would make the race decidedly different for Trump.

If Biden steps down, Harris is going to have to pick somebody to help her – said Graham, speculating that the Vice President would take Biden's place in the race. – If she does become the nominee, this is a dramatically different race than it is right now today. I hope people are thinking about that on our side – he added.

According to Graham, Donald Trump should now focus on choosing a candidate for the US Vice President. Trump, who is 78, has not announced anyone yet in his campaign, but Graham noted that his top picks include South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum.

It is not only Graham who has concerns about a new candidate on the Democratic side. One Republican, speaking anonymously, said that a younger and potentially more popular candidate on the Democratic list would mean a "harder race" for Trump.

Joe Biden's health problems

Speculations that the re-election-seeking President has health problems intensified after the Biden—Trump debate on 27 June.

"The New York Times" accessed the White House visitors' logs. According to the records, Dr Kevin Cannard, a neurologist specialising in movement disorders who recently published an article on Parkinson's disease, visited the White House eight times over the past year. The President's entourage denied these reports.

In the President's circle, the number of people who believe he will not manage to lead the United States for another five years is growing. More and more people openly say that the current Vice President, Kamala Harris, should run for the highest office in the country.

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