LifestyleSeixal beach: Madeira's hidden gem for surfers and sunseekers

Seixal beach: Madeira's hidden gem for surfers and sunseekers

On Seixal beach, you can take a "shower"
On Seixal beach, you can take a "shower"
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Ilona Raczyńska

24 June 2024 18:36

There is a beach in Madeira where magic happens. You see it and immediately take off your shoes, trousers, and shirt and head for the water. At Seixal, the ocean acts like a magnet. You just feel compelled to dive in.

Madeira is not known for its sandy beaches. There are four on the island, but that does not matter. Each beach in this archipelago is unique. They differ in their location or type of ground, but all of them have their charm.

Seixal beach in Madeira

Apart from its charm, Seixal Beach, which is north of the island, has a bit of magic. Tucked under the slopes of lush green mountains, it captures attention with its fine black sand and waves that attract surfing enthusiasts.

To get there from Funchal - the island's capital - you need to enter Praia do Porto do Seixal (the full name of the beach) into your navigation. The trip takes about 45 minutes. From there, it’s just a "stone's throw" to Porto Moniz or other attractions north of the island.

Some say that Seixal is like a moving postcard. And there is something to it because you can just stand and gaze at the ocean while observing people running into the water, swimming, or jumping through the waves on the shore. Children build black sand castles, a group of friends lounges about, someone is chasing a dog, girlfriends sunbathe topless in a secluded spot, and seniors walk along the shore back and forth. Nobody bothers anyone; everyone enjoys the charms of this small paradise as they can.

It is a paradise because Seixal Beach is nestled on the slope of a rocky cliff that is covered with various plants. They look like carpets in different shades of green flowing directly into the ocean.

At one end of the beach is a breakwater, and at the other, a natural shower. It is a dream Instagram spot, so during the season, queues form not just to rinse off but to take a great photo. Water gushes from between rocks covered with moss and succulents 24 hours a day.

  • Seixal Beach
  • Seixal Beach
  • Seixal Beach
  • Seixal Beach
  • Seixal Beach
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- For many people, a photo at Seixal Beach is an absolute "must-have" during their stay in Madeira. The place is appreciated not only by swimming enthusiasts but also by photographers, all thanks to the impressive scenery. Black sand bathed in the mysterious Atlantic Ocean and incredibly green mountains – all this provides a calm, soothing atmosphere for relaxation and a perfect backdrop for photo sessions - says Agata Chmiel from - The whole of Madeira boasts beautiful photo scenery. It is a destination we can choose for relaxation year-round.

A paradise for surfers

At Seixal, you can swim, dive, and surf. It is a popular spot where some people take their first steps on a surfboard. The waves can be substantial, but adventurers are never scarce.

The necessary infrastructure is available - changing rooms, toilets, and showers. There is also a bar, water sports equipment rental, and parking.

Seixal Beach
Seixal Beach© WP | Ilona Raczyńska

Although the beach is very popular and can be crowded during the season, it exudes genuine tranquillity, and one visit is enough to make you want to come back endlessly.

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