LifestyleRyanair passenger's bomb threat forces Ibiza to Milan flight turnaround

Ryanair passenger's bomb threat forces Ibiza to Milan flight turnaround

The plane had to turn back due to a bomb threat.
The plane had to turn back due to a bomb threat.
Images source: © Adobe Stock | Alexey Bakharev
Monika Sikorska

21 June 2024 11:38

One of Ryanair's passengers was arrested after making an indecent confession. The incident occurred on board a plane travelling from Ibiza to Milan.

It seems that tourists still haven't learned that there are some things you really shouldn’t say either at the airport or on the plane. This was realised by a passenger who claimed to have a bomb.

Due to the bomb threat, the plane had to turn back

The plane from Ibiza to Milan immediately returned to the departure airport, paralysed for over an hour by this incident. The event on the Ryanair flight caused a domino effect. Airport services grounded all planes that were scheduled to take off at that time.

The airport services conveyed that three flights, one from Bilbao, another from London Heathrow, and the third from Bologna in Italy, were redirected to Palma. Air traffic was halted entirely from 2:30 to 3:30 PM.

The passenger was arrested at the airport

- Bomb disposal experts verified there was no bomb on board and the passenger, an Italian man, was arrested - a spokesperson for the Civil Guard reported. He faces criminal liability, including causing financial losses to the airport.

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