NewsRussia's mass missile assault on Kyiv leaves 37 dead, many injured

Russia's mass missile assault on Kyiv leaves 37 dead, many injured

A 10-year-old Maksym practised karate, died in the attack on Kyiv
A 10-year-old Maksym practised karate, died in the attack on Kyiv
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Jakub Artych

10 July 2024 11:21

On Monday morning, Russians launched 44 rockets of various types in Ukraine. A day before the NATO summit, Putin's bombs struck, among other places, a children's hospital in Kyiv, the hometown of Volodymyr Zelensky, Kryvyi Rih, Pokrovsk, and Dnipro. As a result of the attack, a family in Kyiv who were at home were killed. Among the victims was a 10-year-old karate practitioner.

It was the most massive daytime attack by Russia on Ukraine in months. In the morning, air raid sirens wailed across the country, and the Ukrainian Air Force reported that the Russians had launched cruise missiles as well as hypersonic Kinzhal missiles. Ukraine was attacked by five groups of rockets, with some targeting the capital.

The Russians launched missiles from Tu-22M3 strategic bombers and MiG-31 fighters, as well as from Russia's Black Sea and the Rostov region.

37 fatalities, including three children, and 170 people were injured, including 13 children - this is the result of Monday’s rocket attack on Ukraine. Destruction was reported in seven Kyiv districts and three cities in the Donetsk region.

A Russian missile killed, among others, 10-year-old karate practitioner Maksym Symaniuk, his nine-year-old younger sister Nastia, and their mother Zoriana.

The Ukrainian Karate Federation reported this. The family was in their apartment in Kyiv at the time of the Russian attack.

Eternal memory. Deepest condolences to the family - wrote Anton Herashchenko on platform X.
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