NewsRussians amass strike force to capture Borova: Ukrainian frontlines brace

Russians amass strike force to capture Borova: Ukrainian frontlines brace

Russians want to strike Borowe - alerts DeepState
Russians want to strike Borowe - alerts DeepState
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Rafał Strzelec

18 June 2024 18:39

Russians want to capture Borova in Kharkiv Oblast. For this purpose, they have created a so-called "strike fist" numbering up to 10,000 soldiers. In addition, they have heavy equipment units and artillery. This information was provided by DeepState, which monitors the frontline situation in Ukraine. What do the Ukrainian Armed Forces say?

The Russians still have the initiative on the frontline in Ukraine. They are now preparing to launch another strike. According to the DeepState portal, which monitors military movements, the Russian army has gathered 10,000 soldiers, 450 military equipment units, and 200 artillery systems.

The target is Borova (Kharkiv Oblast), a small town about 19 kilometres from the assembly point and 100 kilometres from Kharkiv. The Russians recaptured it in October 2022 during a counteroffensive. Now, the aggressor once again has an eye on the town and is preparing for an assault.

Strike fist. Russians testing Ukrainians

According to the DeepState portal, the Russians have a numerical advantage and have been conducting sporadic attacks on points where the Ukrainians are defending. Analysts reported that the enemy has been carrying out preparatory actions for three weeks, probing weak points in the defence.

Notably, the Russians are disregarding any losses. Although they lost many soldiers on the frontline, more arrived every week. Replenishments are so dynamic that the Russian army continuously has a numerical advantage on the battlefield.

The DeepState portal notes an improvement in the Russian military's management quality. A worrying signal confirming this is the increasing number of mercenaries participating in the assaults. They die first; only then do conscripts from Russia enter the fight.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) recently indicated that the Russians can supply about 6,000-12,000 new recruits to the front each month. Therefore, analysts believe that the state of Russia's operational and strategic reserves is likely insufficient to carry out several large offensive operations simultaneously in different directions in the coming months.

It is known that the Russians have recently moved some troops to the Kharkiv Oblast border. However, it is unclear if these troops will be engaged directly in combat or if they are to increase the numbers of the Northern Grouping in this region.

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