NewsRussian missile strikes Odessa, civilians injured in latest attack

Russian missile strikes Odessa, civilians injured in latest attack

There was a large rocket attack this morning in Odesa.
There was a large rocket attack this morning in Odesa.
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Marcin Lewicki

24 June 2024 12:06

Social media reported a "strong explosion in Odessa," which took place this morning (24/06). It is known that the attack hit civilian infrastructure. As a result of the Russian attack, many people were injured. Rescue services are working on-site.

The attack in Odessa occurred today (24/06) around 1:00 PM GMT. Residents of the city heard a huge bang and saw a black cloud of smoke overhead. According to the independent profile Nexta, "preliminary information suggests that two cruise missiles hit the city."

At this point, the information is still being verified by the authorities. However, it is known that the target of the Russian attack was civilian facilities. The Ukrainian police report that "many people were injured as a result of the incident," but the officers did not specify the number of casualties.

For now, the rescue services are assisting the injured and trying to extinguish the fire caused by the missile attacks. The footage of the incident in Odessa was published on the platform X (formerly Twitter) by the independent profile Nexta. It shows thick plumes of smoke, several kilometres high, rising over the city.

Another attack on Odessa

Let us remind you that this is another Russian attack on Odessa in the last few weeks. Two weeks ago, the city was bombed by Shahed drones. The scale of the attack was so large that the Operational Command of the Armed Forces decided to scramble Polish and allied fighter jets.

The target of that Russian army attack was most likely military facilities. Nevertheless, there were also civilian casualties in the strikes two weeks ago. Missile attacks also affected other areas of Ukraine, including Kyiv.

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