NewsRussian media claims capture of American missile guidance system

Russian media claims capture of American missile guidance system

Russia intercepted an American system? They published a recording
Russia intercepted an American system? They published a recording
Images source: © Telegram | @rian_ru
Sara Bounaoui

1 July 2024 21:49

On Monday, the Reuters agency reported that the Russian army had acquired an intact guidance system used in American ATACMS missiles, which form part of the Ukrainian military arsenal. Reuters refers to information from Russian media.

Many of the reports from Russian media or officials are elements of propaganda. Such reports are part of the information war waged by the Russian Federation.

According to the reports, this device was allegedly recovered from one of these missiles, which the Russians had shot down.

The Reuters agency points to a video by the Russian propaganda agency RIA.

The video shows an unidentified weapons expert with his face covered by a balaclava. The expert claims to be examining the guidance system, taken from an ATACMS missile, likely shot down by Russian forces. However, Reuters emphasises that it could not verify the origin of this video.

The video shows how the expert displays labels from the GPS guidance system. These labels suggest that the equipment comes from an American military depot in Alabama. The expert emphasises that acquiring this device will allow them to understand how American missiles are controlled during flight.

"We can reconfigure our systems"

"We can reconfigure our surface-to-air missile systems that are supposed to shoot it down, and we can reconfigure and fine-tune our electronic warfare systems against this missile," said retired Russian Colonel Viktor Litovkin in an interview with the media.

If true, this information could have significant implications for military strategy. Such a guidance system could enable the Russian army to effectively adapt its missile defence systems to shoot down American missiles.

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