NewsRussia signs 190,000 military contracts amid Ukraine conflict

Russia signs 190,000 military contracts amid Ukraine conflict

Even a thousand recruits per day. Medvedev on the details of recruitment
Even a thousand recruits per day. Medvedev on the details of recruitment
Images source: © East News | IMAGO/Alexandr Kryazhev
Sara Bounaoui

4 July 2024 20:46

This year, the Russian army has signed contracts with 190,000 people. According to Dmitry Medvedev, approximately 1,000 such agreements are executed every day.

Many of the reports provided by Russian media or government representatives are elements of propaganda. such reports are part of the information war waged by the Russian Federation.

Medvedev emphasised that the number of people deciding to join the military "is impressive". About 1,000 people sign contracts daily, which amounts to 190,000 new soldiers annually.

- In general, the task set by the president of recruiting contract military personnel and volunteers for the Joint Forces Group for 2024 is being carried out. The average daily recruitment rate remains stable at around 1,000 people - Medvedev stated, as quoted by the Russian agency TASS.

Russia is encouraging potential recruits to join the war in Ukraine by offering them compensation that significantly exceeds the average wage in the country.

Previously, President Vladimir Putin expressed the view that Moscow does not need to announce mobilisation, as so many people are willing to sign contracts with the military - Reuters reminds.

Massive losses for Russians. More are dying than Moscow recruits

According to Western intelligence data, the Russian army is losing on the battlefield everyone it recruits, and even more – at least that was the case in May when it invaded the Kharkiv region. British intelligence calls May 2024 the bloodiest month of the war, estimating losses to average about 1,200 people daily. Thus, in May, the army may have lost 31,000-37,000 soldiers.

At the same time, according to American officials, Russia continues to replenish its army with 25,000-30,000 people monthly. This allows the command to continue sending soldiers into attacks without worrying about losses.

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