SportsRonaldo's partner skips opening of Euro 2024 for pilgrimage to Fatima

Ronaldo's partner skips opening of Euro 2024 for pilgrimage to Fatima

Georgina Rodriguez in the stands of the stadium in Dortmund
Georgina Rodriguez in the stands of the stadium in Dortmund
Images source: © X | Lucas Dombrowski
Sebastian Szczytkowski

22 June 2024 20:31

Some Cristiano Ronaldo fans were surprised when Georgina Rodriguez skipped the beginning of Euro 2024 in favour of a pilgrimage to Fatima. The footballer's partner is already in Germany and applauded the Portuguese national team's 3-0 victory against Turkey from the stands.

Portugal is doing well at the start of Euro 2024. After a 2-1 victory against the Czech Republic, a more relaxed win came against Turkey. Roberto Martinez's team will not miss the knockout stage; its ambition is to reach the tournament's highest places.

The captain of the Portuguese national team is Cristiano Ronaldo. The star is playing in the European Championships for the sixth time. At 39, he has clocked up 209 matches for the national team, in which he scored 130 goals and assisted in 47 more. Cristiano Ronaldo's numbers are impressive. On Saturday, he added an assist for Bruno Fernandes' goal.

On Saturday, Cristiano Ronaldo could already count on extraordinary support from the Dortmund stadium stands. The footballer's partner, Georgina Rodriguez, took one of the honorary seats, causing quite a stir.

The media announced Georgina Rodriguez's upcoming arrival at Euro 2024, although the model did not flaunt it. She has not yet posted any stories from the trip or the match on her regularly updated Instagram profile.

Cristiano Ronaldo's partner appeared in the stands in Dortmund, among other things, in dark sunglasses, a daring blouse with a plunging neckline, and a leather jacket. She drew attention with gold jewellery in her ears and on her wrists. There was no shortage of fans who took advantage of the seats near Georgina Rodriguez to ask for a photo together.

Georgina Rodriguez carried a scarf of the Portuguese national team with her. Born in Argentina, the Spaniard had no connection to Portugal until she became involved with Cristiano Ronaldo in her private life in 2016. Since then, she has supported every team in which Ronaldo plays.

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