EntertainmentRishi Sunak's home targeted by protestors in bold climate act

Rishi Sunak's home targeted by protestors in bold climate act

Protesters organised a demonstration against Rishi Sunak.
Protesters organised a demonstration against Rishi Sunak.
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26 June 2024 14:27, updated: 26 June 2024 14:38

A surprising incident occurred in the United Kingdom when activists from the group Youth Demands entered the property of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. The activists approached a pond, where they pretended to defecate.

Climate and environmental activists are taking increasingly bold steps to draw attention to Earth's pollution and global warming. In France, protesters defecated into the Seine to provoke the government into addressing the issue of pollution in France's most important river. Activists from Just Stop Oil regularly use orange paint to mark tourist attractions. They all share one goal: to fight for a future without waste and global warming.

British activists entered Rishi Sunak's property

The unusual incident took place on 25 June 2024. Representatives of Youth Demands entered Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s property in Kirkby Sigston, North Yorkshire. Four men wore T-shirts with the slogan "Eat sh*t Sunak". The activists went to the pond on Sunak's property to pretend to defecate in the water. The men were detained by the local police.

One of the detained activists is 21-year-old student Oliver Clegg, who, standing in the water, expressed a range of opinions including about the genocide in the Gaza Strip. The action was meant to be a "farewell gift" for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. However, the activists now face charges of aggravated trespass.

Police comment on the arrest

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police commented on the arrest of the activists. The officer said in an interview with "The Sun": "We have arrested four people in the grounds of the Prime Minister’s constituency home this afternoon. Our officers were with the four men within one minute of them entering the grounds. They were detained at around 12.40pm before being escorted off the property and arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass." The arrested were four men, aged 52 from London, 43 from Bolton, 21 from Manchester, and 20 from Chichester. They are now in police custody.

Source: "The Sun"

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