NewsResidents plea to Putin: Stop the drone terror on Russian soil

Residents plea to Putin: Stop the drone terror on Russian soil

Appeal of the residents to Vladimir Putin.
Appeal of the residents to Vladimir Putin.
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Mateusz Kaluga

1 July 2024 08:52

"We want our children not to be afraid to go outside, not to hear the sound of sirens." This is a fragment of a letter addressed to Vladimir Putin. Residents from two regions have sent a message to the President of Russia, complaining about daily drone attacks.

The war in Ukraine has been ongoing for over two years. The Russians ruthlessly attacked our eastern neighbour in February 2022. Unexpectedly, after several months of fighting, they began attacking border regions in Russia.

The Belgorod region is particularly vulnerable to attacks. Initially, the attackers included members of the Freedom of Russia Legion. It quickly became apparent that the Ukrainian military was also attacking Vladimir Putin's country using drones. Primarily, Russian critical infrastructure was under fire.

According to independent Russian media, activists from the Voronezh and Belgorod regions appealed to President Vladimir Putin and the Minister of National Defence with a complaint about daily shelling and drone attacks.

Russians talk about living in the attacked areas

We want our children to not be afraid to go outside, to not hear the sound of sirens! Children do not go to kindergartens, schools, they are locked up. We want a peaceful life - the residents are quoted by portal. The appeal was made via the VKontakte Telegram channel.

According to residents' accounts, they are losing their homes and cars and a shortage of food and medicine. Some residents left the area after the shelling started but did not receive reimbursement for accommodation in a safe place.

After 22 May, we were forced to leave our home. The house was damaged due to shelling. Renovations were never fully completed. The whole process was terrifying. In March of this year, we were forced to leave the rented apartment due to mass shelling from the neighbouring region. Now our village has been practically wiped off the face of the earth. We were denied compensation for rent. However, garbage bills are being charged regularly.

Two thousand people have reportedly signed the appeal.

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