NewsPreschoolers parade in Minsk sparks debate on patriotism and propaganda

Preschoolers parade in Minsk sparks debate on patriotism and propaganda

Shocking scenes in Minsk. This is what the children's parade looked like.
Shocking scenes in Minsk. This is what the children's parade looked like.
Images source: © Telegram
Jakub Artych

3 July 2024 08:59

On the eve of Independence Day (2nd July), a patriotic parade of preschoolers took place for the first time in Belarus. The authorities of the Partizanski district in Minsk organised it. Shocking photos of the event appeared on social media.

The parade involving preschoolers in Belarus took place for the first time on 2nd July 2024. A statement regarding this appeared on the official Telegram channel of the Education Department of the Partizanski District in Minsk. The local authorities called it the parade ground of the "Heirs of Victory".

The parade was initiated by Ludmila Filippovich, the deputy head of the district administration, and Veronika Rudaya, the head of the Education Department, standing on a red carpet.

The action was led by a preschooler in a police uniform standing in a police electric car. When he caught up with the women, he stood at attention and saluted them.

Behind him, groups of preschoolers dressed in various security service uniforms were marching on foot. There was also a procession in the "Immortal Regiment" style. Some preschoolers marched with portraits of World War II veterans on sticks.

Changes in Belarusian holiday

As Belsat emphasises, large-scale solemn parades occur every year on 3rd July in Minsk. However, in 2020, their frequency was changed, organising them in years of significant anniversaries.

In addition to the military and representatives of other security structures, athletes, students, and state employees march through the streets of Minsk. Agricultural machinery and cars carrying flagship products of the Belarusian industry travel through the streets of Minsk on open platforms.

Let us recall that the 3rd of July was established as Belarus's Independence Day in 1997. A year earlier, Alexander Lukashenko held a referendum, which, in addition to increasing his power, approved the transfer of Independence Day to the anniversary of the German expulsion from Minsk in 1944.

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