NewsPartisan attack disrupts Russian-North Korean ammo supply routes

Partisan attack disrupts Russian-North Korean ammo supply routes

A blow to Putin. Agents' operation. No weapons from North Korea.
A blow to Putin. Agents' operation. No weapons from North Korea.
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Jakub Artych

5 July 2024 13:32

Partisans have destroyed a railway line through which ammunition supplies were being delivered from North Korea. Agents of "Atesh" stated that the blast site had been tightly cordoned off by the FSB and announced further attacks on the Russian railway system.

Agents of "Atesh" continue to conduct operations within Russian territory aimed at weakening the military potential of Vladimir Putin's army. Recently, they carried out another successful sabotage on the Trans-Siberian Railway near Yekaterinburg.

This railway was used to transport ammunition from North Korea, which Russia utilised during the war with Ukraine. Details were disclosed on the Telegram channel.

Agents of Atesh managed to carry out a successful operation on the Trans-Siberian Railway near Yekaterinburg, resulting in the destruction of the railway track along which North Korean ammunition was transported - the network highlights.

Journalists were not allowed on the scene. Information leaked only on local sites.

Interestingly, only after receiving an order from the regional division did the FSB agree to allow a repair crew to arrive and start renovation work. We remind you that the railway will explode even more often when ammunition is being transported there - they explain.

Let's recall that "Atesh" is an active Tatar-Ukrainian partisan unit, among other places, in occupied Crimea. One of Atesh's tasks is to recruit Russians to gauge the sentiments prevailing in the occupying units.

Collaboration between Russia and North Korea. Data revealed

The media continues to buzz about the cooperation between Russia and North Korea. As emphasised by the independent portal Meduza, the agreement includes declarations of readiness for mutual combat and actual deliveries of hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of missiles for attacks on Ukraine.

According to the latest information from "The Washington Post", North Korea may have already delivered 1.6 million artillery shells to Russia from August 2023 to January 2024.

Let's recall that Russian President Vladimir Putin visited North Korea on 18-19 June, signing an agreement on a "comprehensive partnership" during the visit. This document is the formal basis for ammunition supplies from North Korea to Russia.

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