LifestylePamela Anderson embraces natural beauty, leaving makeup behind. "You kind of have to challenge beauty sometimes"

Pamela Anderson embraces natural beauty, leaving makeup behind. "You kind of have to challenge beauty sometimes"

She appeared without makeup. Fans are delighted.
She appeared without makeup. Fans are delighted.
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16 June 2024 13:51

Thanks to Baywatch, Pamela Anderson achieved worldwide recognition. In the '90s, she was considered one of the most beautiful actresses. Recently, she completely gave up makeup.

Pamela Anderson was born in Canada. In the '80s, she went to a football game. Her face was shown on the Jumbotron, and fans were delighted by the beauty of the 21-year-old. This event turned out to be a stepping stone to her modelling career, which she developed over the next few years.

In the '90s, she moved to Los Angeles. She got a role in the series "Home Improvement" alongside Tim Allen. Less than a year later, she was offered the role of "C.J." Parker in the series "Baywatch". The production provided her with worldwide recognition.

She gave up makeup. Fans are delighted

In the '90s, Pamela Anderson was a sought-after model. Her photos adorned the covers of many magazines. At every event, she appeared with strong makeup, which inspired women all over the world. It was her trademark. Everything changed in 2023 when she announced that she would no longer wear makeup.

"I think we all start looking a little funny when we get older. And I’m kind of laughing at myself when I look at the mirror. I go, ‘Wow, this is really...what’s happening to me?’ It’s a journey," she said in one of the interviews.

The actress is actively engaged on Instagram, often sharing moments from her private life. In the new video, she shows her morning skincare routine. The star of "Baywatch" limits herself to two products: serum and lip balm.

There were many comments on the video. Fans are delighted with the actress's naturalness. "You are absolutely beautiful; you have always been a natural beauty, Pam!" "You make me want to quit makeup once and for all. Too bad I'm not as beautiful as you." "You are a legend. A true beauty," we read among the comments.

She wanted to set an example for others. She doesn't want to pretend to be someone else

The actress lives on the picturesque Vancouver Island in Canada, where she enjoys a simple and peaceful life.

"My mom always told me, 'At some point in your life, you're not going to want to wear makeup on your skin,' and she's right. You kind of have to challenge beauty sometimes," she explained.

Her trademarks were long blonde hair, thin, defined eyebrows, and intense makeup. In a conversation with "Vogue" magazine, the 56-year-old actress admitted that her previous image amuses her.

"For years, I was acting like these characters: a Playmate, a rockstar’s wife. I love that I went through all of it and did all of those things, but I’m also glad I’ve made it to this point and can laugh at it," we read.

On 1 July 2024, the actress will turn 57.

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