NewsOutrage as Israeli soldiers tie wounded Palestinian to jeep bonnet

Outrage as Israeli soldiers tie wounded Palestinian to jeep bonnet

The video shows an injured man tied to the front of a car.
The video shows an injured man tied to the front of a car.
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Paweł Buczkowski

23 June 2024 07:41

Israeli soldiers tied a wounded Palestinian prisoner to the bonnet of a military jeep during a raid on Saturday in Jenin in the occupied West Bank. Such behaviour is against the values and procedures of the Israeli military; we are conducting an investigation, the army said.

In the video circulating on social media, two slow-moving military vehicles can be seen, with a wounded man tied to the bonnet of the first one.

During an operation aimed at capturing wanted Palestinians, Israeli soldiers were shot at and returned fire, wounding the suspect who was captured, said the military in a statement. Later, the soldiers placed the wounded man on the bonnet of the vehicle, which was a "violation of orders and procedures", they added.

The behaviour seen in the video is against the values of the Israeli army; we are investigating this matter, the army noted in a statement. It was further added that the captured Palestinian was handed over to medical services.

Reuters verified the video and reached witnesses of the incident. According to the family's account, the man was wounded during the raid, and when relatives asked the soldiers to call an ambulance, they strapped him to the bonnet and drove away.

Violence in the West Bank has escalated further following the outbreak of the war conducted by Israel in the Gaza Strip against Hamas. Since then, regular raids by the Israeli military on Palestinian militant groups have intensified, as well as attacks by Jewish settlers on Palestinian villages and terrorist attacks organised by Palestinians.

After 7 October 2023, Israeli forces arrested about 4,150 Palestinians in the West Bank. According to the Palestinian Authority, at least 549 people were killed by settlers and Israeli soldiers during this time. In terrorist attacks organised by Palestinians, 21 Israelis were also killed.

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