NewsOrban's Moscow visit: Aims to shift EU stance on Ukraine conflict

Orban's Moscow visit: Aims to shift EU stance on Ukraine conflict

Viktor Orban
Viktor Orban
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Paweł Gospodarczyk

7 July 2024 12:06

According to the latest report by the American Institute for the Study of War, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who recently met in Moscow with Vladimir Putin, likely aims to persuade the West to concentrate on peace negotiations as part of his strategy to undermine EU support for Ukraine.

"Orban is likely aiming to shift Western focus towards possible peace negotiations as part of his overarching effort to undermine European support for Ukraine," the report states.

Orban in Moscow. ISW: undermines EU support for Ukraine

According to ISW, Orban presents himself as a potential mediator in talks aiming to end the war in Ukraine "despite Russian President Vladimir Putin's rejection of mediation or serious negotiations."

The Institute points out that in an article published on Friday in "Newsweek", Orban accused NATO of prioritising conflict over peace and stated that the Alliance was created to maintain peace.

Orban's efforts to push for negotiations are likely part of his ongoing effort to shift European focus to discussions about peace negotiations and away from discussions about military support for Ukraine, assesses ISW.

Meanwhile, as the Institute emphasises, Putin has rejected participating in potential cease-fire talks and denied any interest in a truce. Instead, he demanded Ukraine's capitulation through its "demilitarisation" and renunciation of large areas currently not under Russian control.

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