LifestyleNatural remedies for heavy, swollen feet: A summer essential

Natural remedies for heavy, swollen feet: A summer essential

How to reduce swelling in the feet?
How to reduce swelling in the feet?
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1 July 2024 17:59

Do you have heavy, swollen, and tired feet? It’s a common issue that typically arises in the summer. You can solve it quickly. Just mix three ingredients and then soak your feet in them. The swelling will disappear in approximately 15 minutes.

Heavy, tired, and swollen feet are a problem that affects both women and men. It usually occurs in the summer when temperatures exceed 25 degrees Celsius. The body protects from dehydration by storing water, which generally settles in the legs and feet.

This is an entirely natural phenomenon and cannot be avoided. However, you can return your legs to their former state. All you need to do is prepare a homemade foot bath. You only need three ingredients that you undoubtedly already have at home.

Add to water and soak your feet. the swelling will disappear in an instant

Many people neglect their feet, forgetting about regular care. This all changes with the arrival of summer when we switch from shoes or trainers to sandals or flip-flops. Dry skin on the feet doesn’t look perfect.

The real problem starts when the feet begin to swell.

This entirely natural phenomenon results from the body’s reaction to high temperatures. How to get rid of swelling on the feet? In shops and chemists, you’ll find plenty of products that constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling. However, there’s another way. It costs pennies and gives immediate results.

This method is a foot rinse based on baking soda and vinegar, such as spirit or apple cider vinegar. Baking soda softens and brightens the skin, while vinegar reduces swelling and exfoliates dead skin cells.

How to prepare this rinse? It’s straightforward. Fill a large bowl with warm, but not hot, water. Add half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar. Mix everything thoroughly, and soak your feet in the prepared mixture for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse them with cold water. The swelling will go away immediately.

Add to the tub. Forget about swollen body

A rinse of baking soda and vinegar is suitable only for people who don’t have cracked or abraded heels, as both ingredients could further irritate the skin. Use it whenever you feel your feet have become heavy and swollen.

If you’re prone to swelling, use an Epsom salt and magnesium sulphate bath.

How to use magnesium sulphate? Fill the tub with warm water and add 100 grams of the salt. Wait until it dissolves, and then get into the tub. Bathe for at least 15 minutes. After the bath, you’ll notice that the swelling has gone down, and your skin has become much softer and smoother.

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