TechMysterious Russian structures in Ukraine spark speculation

Mysterious Russian structures in Ukraine spark speculation

Unusual structures that the Russians have set up in Ukraine
Unusual structures that the Russians have set up in Ukraine
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Karolina Modzelewska

24 June 2024 10:34

In Ukraine, mysterious Russian equipment has been spotted. As reported by The War Zone, 16 semicircular or circular structures have been arranged in one of the fields, and their purpose is not entirely clear. It is possible that these are elements of a new electronic warfare system, another military system, or a unique type of agricultural installation.

Photos of the mysterious Russian structures were posted on the Telegram channel belonging to Ukrainian military and radio communication expert Sergei Beskrestnov. He wrote, "I thought I knew everything the enemy had in terms of technological solutions," referring to the objects' still unidentified origin and purpose.

New Russian equipment in Ukraine?

The American military-themed service The War Zone notes that in the photos, which are most likely satellite images or drone-taken photos, something that resembles a camouflage net or a type of tarp can be seen around the structures. The photos also show an area cleared of plants and other elements next to a lorry responsible for transporting the objects.

Among the theories explaining the purpose of the Russian structures are those suggesting that they might be inflatable spherical antennas or antenna covers, possibly for communication purposes, like those produced by the United States company GATR Technologies. This company produces, among other things, inflatable spherical satellite communication terminals. The solution aims to reduce satellite communication costs while providing access to it anytime and anywhere. The terminals are resistant to extreme weather conditions, and their deployment takes about 30 minutes.

Beskrestnov, however, rejects this possibility, as well as the idea that the objects are elements of the 1B75 Penicillin system, a mobile Russian acoustic-thermal reconnaissance complex. Russians use it to determine the coordinates of enemy artillery and direct their own fire. The War Zone emphasises, however, that it cannot be entirely ruled out that the objects are antennas or covers for them, which are part of electronic warfare equipment, communication, or sensor systems.

The deployment of unusual structures by Russians in Ukraine is nothing new. Such structures, for example, "dragon's teeth," have already been observed earlier. They appeared, among other places, near Melitopol, in the southeastern part of Ukraine. As we have already explained, these are concrete or reinforced concrete pyramids, which derive their name from their triangular shape. These structures have been known since the Second World War, and their main purpose is to create fortifications. "Dragon's teeth" are designed to stop or slow down the enemy and hinder tanks or armoured vehicles from breaking through to defended positions.

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