NewsMeteotsunami strikes Menorca beach, tourists flee as waves surge

Meteotsunami strikes Menorca beach, tourists flee as waves surge

Meteotsunami on Minorca. Tourists fled in panic.
Meteotsunami on Minorca. Tourists fled in panic.
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Paulina Antoniak

21 June 2024 20:49

A massive meteotsunami struck a tourist-packed beach on Menorca, forcing people to evacuate quickly and causing quite a scare. The sudden waves rose unexpectedly, and, in a flash, submerged items that fleeing beachgoers couldn't take with them.

According to The Sun, a strong meteotsunami hit the Spanish island of Menorca on Wednesday, 19 June. The beach, where tourists were relaxing, was suddenly flooded by powerful waves. Panic-stricken beachgoers hurriedly grabbed their belongings and ran to safety.

A meteotsunami is a weather phenomenon that causes large waves similar to a tsunami.

In footage shared on social media, you can see how the rapidly rising water submerges lounge chairs, slides, and umbrellas, while holidaymakers observe from dry land, holding their soaked belongings.

Strong meteotsunami in Spain

The meteotsunami struck on Wednesday, 19 June, hitting Ciutadella port on Menorca, submerging items on the beach where tourists were relaxing.

According to the Spanish national weather agency Aemet, in recent days, at least five large meteotsunamis with fluctuations over 3 metres (over 10 feet) have hit Spain.

In videos shared on social media, you can see tourists running across the beach, trying to find higher ground as waves start to hit the shore. The water quickly floods the sand, pulling giant inflatable slides and pieces of wood into the sea.

Aemet issued warnings and reported that the harsh weather conditions would continue through Thursday. In less than 24 hours, another meteotsunami hit the shores of Majorca.

The sea level rose sharply and flooded parts of Puerto Alcudia, on the northeast coast of the popular tourist-adored island.

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