EntertainmentMeryl Streep's daughter comes out on mother's birthday

Meryl Streep's daughter comes out on mother's birthday

Meryl Streep's daughter showed her partner.
Meryl Streep's daughter showed her partner.
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26 June 2024 15:47

Actress Louisa Jacobson Gummer shared details of her private life online. Meryl Streep's daughter came out on her mother's birthday. Her partner is an American photoshoot producer.

Pride Month encourages many people to come out or share their partners. Influencers and celebrities seem to wait all year to announce being part of the LGBT community in June. According to activists for non-heteronormative couples, being LGBT is making less of an impression on the public, thanks to the growing visibility of same-sex couples in society. More and more people are also aware that someone in their surroundings is celebrating Pride Month.

Meryl Streep's daughter came out

Three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep is a happy wife and mother. Since 1978, the actress has been married to sculptor Donald J. "Don" Gummer. The couple are parents to four children: a son and three daughters. The youngest of the pair's children, Louisa Jacobson Gummer, is an actress. She appeared in the film "Gone Hollywood" and the series "The Gilded Age".

On 22 June 2024, on her mother Meryl Streep's 75th birthday, Louisa Jacobson Gummer shared the joyous news with her Instagram followers. She introduced her fans to her partner, photoshoot producer Anna Blundell. Gummer wrote, "I am thrilled to be stepping into a new era." The actress referred to an article titled "We're Entering a Joyful Era of Lesbian Fashion." Gummer included a rainbow flag emoji in her post.

Internet users show support for the couple

A flood of supportive comments appeared under Louisa Jacobson Gummer's post. Influencer Sky Madds wrote, "Coming out on your mum's birthday is iconic." Many people added that the girls have won and that lesbians keep winning. There were also a lot of wishes for Pride Month in the comments. Tan France, known from the series "Queer Eye", also commented on the post, adding a clapping emoji.

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