LifestyleMen behaving like children linked to decline in women's libido, study finds

Men behaving like children linked to decline in women's libido, study finds

Why do many women have reduced libido?
Why do many women have reduced libido?
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20 June 2024 21:26

Fatigue, stress, disrupted hormonal balance, and even lifestyle can contribute to a decrease in libido. The latest research, however, suggests that men might also be at fault. There is one particular type of man that can make women lose their desire for sex.

American-Canadian scientists decided to investigate why women at some point no longer want to have intercourse with their partners. To this end, experts looked at individuals from various countries and shared their findings in the scientific journal "Archives of Sexual Behavior". Their observations may be surprising.

This type of man is best avoided

There is no denying that long-term couples usually do not have sex as often as they did at the beginning of their relationship. This could be related to numerous factors. Sometimes, women are not happy with their bodies after pregnancy, are tired, or stressed. Few women at that moment analyze their partner’s behavior, which, according to scientists, can have a significant impact on libido.

Experts have determined that when all household duties fall on the woman, the man significantly loses in her eyes. Taking care of the house, shopping, and even relieving the partner of mundane tasks like scheduling doctor appointments can affect the attraction.

Interestingly, many women may not even realize this. When wondering why they don’t feel like having sex, they often blame only themselves.

How to take care of your sex life?

When dealing with a man who behaves like a child, it is worth having an honest conversation with him. Often, the other party did not previously see any problem; hence it is essential to clearly communicate your expectations and needs.

Unfortunately, none of us can read minds, so if we do not tell our partners what we truly feel, they may never figure it out. If the conversation did not go as planned, it might be helpful to seek professional assistance.

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