NewsLukashenko's health deteriorates suddenly at international summit

Lukashenko's health deteriorates suddenly at international summit

Lukashenko seriously ill? "His condition began to deteriorate rapidly"
Lukashenko seriously ill? "His condition began to deteriorate rapidly"
Violetta Baran

6 July 2024 19:49

The Russian independent television channel Dozhd reported, citing its sources, that Lukashenko is very seriously ill and having difficulty with his illness. According to their information, he suddenly felt very unwell during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Astana this week.

Alyaksandr Lukashenko participated in the two-day Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, this week. During the proceedings, he signed a document ratifying Belarus's Membership as its 10th member. However, not this caught observers' attention, but the dictator's state of health.

According to the independent Russian television channel Dozhd, recognised by Russian authorities as a "foreign agent," two hours after arriving in Astana, Lukashenko's condition "began to deteriorate rapidly in front of summit participants."

- The next day, Thursday, he spoke at the summit, met with heads of state, but it was clear that he looked worse than two days earlier when he took part in a parade in Minsk in military uniform. His face was pale, and his speech was not very confident - said the programme's author, Mikhail Fishman.

An anonymous informant for the television revealed that "Lukashenko is very seriously ill and is having a difficult time with his illness." He added, however, that "it is unknown what he is ill with."

"I don't plan on dying"

These are the latest reports of the Belarusian dictator's illness. Last year, during the Victory Day parade in Moscow, attention was drawn to the fact that he took a ride in an electric car instead of walking a short distance to the wreath-laying site. Observers also noticed a bandage on his right forearm.

Later that same day, Lukashenko hurriedly flew back to Belarus. That evening, he appeared at an event in Minsk, but he did not deliver the customary speech. This has never happened to him before on Victory Day.

At the end of May, explaining his indisposition, he stated that he was fighting an adenovirus and assured that he "does not plan on dying."

Alyaksandr Lukashenko will turn 70 in August. He has been in power in Belarus since 1994.

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