NewsLuhansk soldiers sent from hospital to front line plead for help

Luhansk soldiers sent from hospital to front line plead for help

Russian soldiers complained about the command
Russian soldiers complained about the command
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Mateusz Czmiel

30 June 2024 11:53

Soldiers of the 26th Armoured Regiment of the 47th Division of the so-called Luhansk People's Republic have published a recording claiming that the command sends them "straight from hospitals to combat missions, even though many of them can only move with crutches."

- This message is our last chance to reach the command via the military prosecutor's office, the Minister of National Defence, and the president (Putin - editor's note) - say the soldiers.

"None of this has been achieved"

As seen in the recording, this situation has affected dozens of soldiers.

The documents they received in hospitals stated that the wounded "are to be discharged due to injuries" and also "require rehabilitation." - None of this has been achieved - they add.

They also claim they have not received the promised veteran certificates, salaries, or compensation for their injuries. At the same time, they still declare their readiness to fight against Ukraine.

This is another appeal directed to the Russian command, the prosecutor's office, or Putin himself. In most cases, the Kremlin "solves" the problems by issuing an order to dispatch soldiers to the so-called zero line immediately - to direct combat, where they disappear without a trace.

The entire unit was massacred on the front line

Such a fate befell, among others, those mobilised from Irkutsk, who said they were not prepared for the assault, and their experience did not allow them to participate in combat. They begged to be transferred to territorial defence. They also appealed to Putin. The soldiers were massacred on the front line in Donbas.

- My husband called me. He is lying in the hospital, wounded by shrapnel. He said that nothing is left of the regiment. There is news of only two wounded, and the rest either died or were left in critical condition on the front line. My husband will be given barely a week (to recover), and then they will send him back to the front line again! - reported the wife of one of the reservists in an interview with Radio Liberty.

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