NewsLesbian couple brutally attacked in downtown Halifax, police investigate

Lesbian couple brutally attacked in downtown Halifax, police investigate

Brutal beating in Canada. The motive is shocking.
Brutal beating in Canada. The motive is shocking.
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Jakub Artych

2 July 2024 18:56

At the end of June in Canada, a crowd of men brutally beat a lesbian couple celebrating their birthdays after the women opposed their homophobic insults.

Emma MacLean and her girlfriend were walking through downtown Halifax in Canada when they encountered a group of about ten men who, according to them, were of Middle Eastern descent.

As they passed, one of the men made a rude comment about MacLean, which prompted her girlfriend to stand up for her.

"My girlfriend, Tori, said ‘hey that’s my girlfriend," recounts MacLean to CTV News.

The whole thing could have ended there, but Tori ran after the group of men, explaining to them that their behaviour was grossly inappropriate. The men angered and then attacked the woman.

"I see Tori being pushed on the stairs right in front of the BMO centre and they are cement stairs and she’s on her back. That’s when all the men start punching and kicking her," Emma recounts.

Initially, MacLean said she shouted at the men to stop, but they ignored her and continued attacking her girlfriend.

The woman recounted that the group was kicking Tori, who was lying on the ground surrounded by the attackers. Emma, meanwhile, tried to break free from the man's grasp.

Beating in Canada. What does the police have to say?

A random witness alerted the police patrolling the nearby area, but MacLean said the fight was already over. The officers then spoke with one of the men involved in the attack, who accused both women of causing the fight.

The police told CTV News that they are still investigating the incident, and no charges have been filed against the attackers.

Beating of a teenage girl in Canada
Beating of a teenage girl in Canada© Facebook
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