NewsLeftist celebration in Paris as New People's Front claims victory

Leftist celebration in Paris as New People's Front claims victory

Hugs, applause, and tears. Joy on the streets of Paris
Hugs, applause, and tears. Joy on the streets of Paris
Images source: © EPA, PAP | ANDRE PAIN
Violetta Baran

8 July 2024 06:56

At the Place de la République in Paris, immediately after the announcement of the first exit poll results of the second round of elections, euphoria erupted. People hugged, applauded, and cried. They rejoiced at the defeat of Marine Le Pen's National Rally and the victory of the leftist New People's Front.

Thousands of people waited in the evening at the Place de la République in Paris for the election results. Many of them, as could be seen from their reactions, were supporters of the left, which emerged victorious in the second round of the elections.

The results of several exit polls indicate that the leftist New People's Front won the elections and gained a significant advantage in parliament.

The joy of those gathered at the Place de la République was immense. They hugged, cried, and applauded. They waved French flags. A few individuals set off flares.

Leftist supporters celebrate

A similar atmosphere prevailed at the Place de la Bataille-de-Stalingrad, where the party La France Insoumise (Unbowed France), part of the New People's Front, organized an election night event. LFI's head is the NFL leader, Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

According to exit polls, the alliance of left-wing parties, the New People's Front (NPF), won the second round of parliamentary elections in France on Sunday. It gained between 181 and 215 seats but did not obtain an absolute majority in the National Assembly.

In second place, according to forecasts provided by TF1 television, is the political camp of President Emmanuel Macron, which can expect 150-180 seats. The far-right National Rally, according to these forecasts, received 120-150 seats in parliament.

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