NewsKing Charles seeks to evict Prince Andrew to cut royal expenses

King Charles seeks to evict Prince Andrew to cut royal expenses

King Charles III made a decision concerning Prince Andrew's house.
King Charles III made a decision concerning Prince Andrew's house.
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30 June 2024 10:02

King Charles III made a surprising decision regarding Prince Andrew's estate. The disgraced aristocrat is doing everything he can to prevent the monarch's plans from fruition. What is this about?

Prince Andrew was stripped of his royal title during the reign of Elizabeth II, due to his murky connections with Jeffrey Epstein. The late Queen’s son was accused of a heinous act against a 16-year-old girl, whom he supposedly met through the millionaire convicted of sexual offences.

As it turns out, this is just the beginning of his troubles. Upon taking the throne, Charles III continued his mother's path and demanded that his brother leave the Royal Lodge residence. Now, the 75-year-old ruler's new plans have been revealed.

Prince Andrew's residence was initially set to be handed over to Prince William and Kate Middleton, but they were not inclined to move in. Therefore, the ruler of the United Kingdom came up with a new, surprising idea.

King Charles III wanted to cut the royal budget's costs to maintain the building. Instead of an annual loss of £4 million, he wants to start renting out the property for £1 million.

It makes sense for the Royal Lodge to be returned to Crown Estates, (...) It can make money for the king and the country instead of draining costs - we read in "The Sun".

British real estate experts indicate that Prince Andrew's luxurious palace is worth around £30 million. They considered the rental price appropriate. However, there is one fundamental problem. What is it?

Prince Andrew does not agree with Charles III's idea

Although the king's spokesman declined to comment to the tabloid, it is clear that Prince Andrew does not intend to agree to move out meekly. "Mail on Sunday" argued just a month ago that the gentlemen might meet over the matter and reach final arrangements.

It was speculated that if they do not agree, the unwanted resident might even face a cutoff of electricity and other utilities. However, the Duke of York has arguments to stay in the house he has resided in for over two decades.

He is referring to documents signed in 2003. They state that he obtained permission to lease the property for another 75 years.

Andrew is not going anywhere. The king cannot force him. He has an ironclad lease agreement that he intends to uphold - informs "The Sun".

It remains a mystery whether Charles III will manage to overcome the stubbornness of the unwanted tenant.

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