EntertainmentKevin Costner defends casting son in new film amid nepotism claims

Kevin Costner defends casting son in new film amid nepotism claims

Kevin Costner denies allegations of nepotism
Kevin Costner denies allegations of nepotism
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Beata Bialik

21 June 2024 12:14

"Nepo babies" is a term referring to a common career trajectory in Hollywood, where well-known film industry parents pave the professional way for their offspring. Despite casting his son in his new film, Kevin Costner denies rumours of facilitating his child's career, asserting he merely wanted to spend more time with him on set.

"Horizon: An American Saga" is an epic Western directed and produced by Kevin Costner. The world premiere will take place in a few days, on 28 June.

The film aims to tell the story of the white man's expansion and settlement in the American West, with one role given to his son, Hayes Costner.

Kevin Costner's decision to include his son in the film met with disapproval in the industry. Some accused Costner of nepotism and using his connections to thrust his son into the acting world.

Costner himself denies these rumours and insists that casting his child in a role is not related to the popular "nepo babies" phenomenon in Hollywood but rather a desire to spend time with him.

Kevin Costner: "I didn't push my kids into the business"

On the "Today Show," the "Yellowstone" star explained that he doesn't push his children into the film industry.

I realize there are so many young actors out there that would just kill to be in this movie and I don't want to take those parts away from them just cause I can place my own children in, he said.

He explained that casting his son in a role was a way to prolong childhood and share time together on the film set.

I selfishly wanted him with me for the week, two weeks, he was with me. And we would drive to the set every day, the actor admitted disarmingly.

The second part of the film project is already announced for August.

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