EntertainmentJin's return from military marred by fans' harassment allegations

Jin's return from military marred by fans' harassment allegations

Fans of the Korean star broke the law
Fans of the Korean star broke the law
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15 June 2024 12:43

The star of the Korean band BTS has completed his mandatory military service. In connection with this, the group organized a meeting to celebrate Jin's return. However, some fans took the opportunity to engage in sexual harassment. The police are investigating the matter.

The law of South Korea treats all citizens equally. Therefore, regardless of status, every man must undergo mandatory military service. The training lasts 18 to 21 months and applies to Koreans aged 18 to 35. After completing the training, men maintain reservist status for eight years. For many stars, mandatory military service means suspending their careers, affecting them and their fans.

Jin from BTS returned from the military

Jin, one of the vocalists of the BTS group, began his mandatory military service at the end of 2022. Fans eagerly awaited the day he would leave the barracks. Their wait ended on 12 June 2024. Jin officially completed his military training in South Korea, which brought relief to fans.

The managers of BTS decided to celebrate Jin's return to normalcy. On this occasion, a meeting with the star was organized, attended by over a thousand fans. K-pop enthusiasts could embrace their idol, give him a gift, or take a selfie. However, several individuals crossed the line of good taste and socially acceptable behaviour.

BTS vocalist's fans accused of harassment

Police officers from the Songpa Police Station in Seoul confirmed that on 14 June, they received a report about a suspected crime. The complaint was submitted through the National Petition System and concerned a potential violation of the Sexual Violence Punishment Act.

A police representative told "Soompi": "We received a complaint through the National Petition System, but we have not received a formal complaint. We have not yet apprehended any suspects."

The police are currently analysing the complaint. Its author refers to an incident in which Jin's fans tried to kiss the artist during a meeting at BTS Fest. In videos and photos posted online, the artist appears surprised and tries to move his head away. If the police identify suspects and prove their guilt, they could face several years in prison.

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