EntertainmentJennifer Lopez takes economy class amid personal turmoil

Jennifer Lopez takes economy class amid personal turmoil

Jennifer Lopez on a plane
Jennifer Lopez on a plane
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26 June 2024 08:13

Jennifer Lopez decided not to overpay during her trip to Europe. From Naples to Paris, the star flew economy class. Passengers revealed whether she behaved like a diva.

It cannot be denied that Jennifer Lopez has found herself in a difficult situation. Problems in her personal life are intertwined with professional ones, and the media are already predicting her inevitable career decline. In this challenging moment, the diva cannot count on the support of Ben Affleck, who reportedly has had enough of her. The crisis in their relationship is taking a toll on the star's well-being, reflected in her behaviour: the singer, known for her discipline, is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain her composure. It is no wonder the singer recently decided on a solo trip to Europe.

After visiting Sicily, where she went on a private yacht cruise, the star had another journey ahead. The artist, considered a "style icon," couldn’t miss the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, where the Dior show occurred on Monday.

Jennifer Lopez "caught" in economy class

Meanwhile, American media reports that J.Lo decided to "tighten her belt" in the face of an impending divorce. Supposedly proving this turn of events is that while travelling from Naples to Paris, one of the most famous people in the world chose to fly economy class. Considering that the Latina has made hundreds of millions of dollars and usually flies by private jet, such a decision may be a surprise, especially when purchasing a business-class seat was an option.

The 54-year-old was spotted at the airport by fellow travellers when she queued with the rest of the public, only to take a window seat on the plane shortly after. The artist seemed to be in a good mood. Lopez wore a white sweatshirt and matching sweatpants. Her sunglasses covered half of her face. However, she was not alone on the plane. She placed a huge travel bag on the seat beside her while her bodyguard sat by the aisle.

Do you think she is really preparing for a legal battle with Affleck?

Jennifer Lopez in economy class
Jennifer Lopez in economy class© forum
Jennifer Lopez CANCELS her tour!
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Jennifer Lopez
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