NewsIs hot tea the secret to staying cool in the summer heat?

Is hot tea the secret to staying cool in the summer heat?

Hot tea in hot weather. Does it help?
Hot tea in hot weather. Does it help?
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Kamil Rakosza-Napieraj

2 July 2024 16:39

We often reach for cold drinks on hot days to quench our thirst. But can hot tea be just as effective or even better? We have explored this issue from various perspectives.

Did you know that water is not always the most effective way to quench your thirst on hot days? According to a study at the University of St. Andrews, some drinks perform much better. The most effective include skimmed milk, glucose-electrolyte solutions, and tea.

The study found that water only ranked eighth and ninth in the effectiveness of quenching thirst. Scientists discovered that skimmed milk, rich in protein, hydrates the body more effectively than water because it is absorbed more slowly, counteracting rapid dehydration.

Hot tea in the heat - is it worth it?

In the summer, we happily reach for cold drinks—the higher the temperature, the more ice cubes in a glass of carbonated, refreshing drink. Meanwhile, there are reports that they are not a good choice on hot days. In Arab countries with high temperatures, hot, sweetened tea with mint is a daily routine. What is its purpose?

Receptors on the tongue, receiving the signal of a hot drink, trigger the skin's cooling process through sweating. Although tea contains caffeine, which can act as a diuretic and counteract dehydration, moderate consumption is safe and beneficial.

Drinks for the heat - what to choose?

During hot weather, the most important thing is to stay hydrated regularly. As reported by, it is also worth choosing mint tea, tomato juice, and light homemade compotes on hot days. Drinks with a high amount of sugar should be excluded from the menu as they can lead to dehydration.

Conversely, products such as crisps, chips, or alcohol can only exacerbate problems related to dehydration and overheating. By choosing the right drinks and foods, one can effectively cope with the most extreme heat.

In summary, hot tea can be an effective way to quench your thirst on hot days, although its effectiveness depends on many factors, such as the type of infusion and the amount consumed.

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