EntertainmentInstagram model turns to dating apps amid Australia's housing crisis

Instagram model turns to dating apps amid Australia's housing crisis

Emily Webb saves on rent
Emily Webb saves on rent
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20 June 2024 19:47

An Australian Instagram model has not managed to find a place to live, despite having the means. She uses a dating app to avoid sleeping in her car.

Emily Webb self-describes as the "hottest homeless person in Australia." On TikTok and Instagram, she admits that she uses her looks—not her high earnings—to secure a roof over her head. The 25-year-old "doesn't mind" not having a permanent roof over her head.

Instagram model has no roof over her head

The blonde did not find a place to live, despite being able to spend £570 weekly on rent — and even offered to pay a year's rent upfront. The housing market in Australia is currently in crisis, so Webb had difficulties renting a property. She now lives in a car stuffed with most of her belongings.

Webb, an adult content creator, turned to the dating app Hinge to free herself from sleeping in her car. She finds men on the app willing to let her spend the night. The model does not tell them about her difficult situation. She confessed to news.eu: "I can't believe I wasted money on rent all this time. Life hack: If you're hot, never pay rent."

An unusual way to find accommodation

Webb explained, "I'm on dating apps, finding different guys where I can stay, and I'm doing well. I usually don't tell them. I don't want to put pressure on anyone. I don't mention that I'm homeless, and I don't think I look homeless." The TikToker added, "I have many friends on the Gold Coast, but I don't want to stay with them for too long or be a burden. I don't mind being a burden to random men."

Emily actively searched for men on the dating app with hopes of using their bed for three nights. She recently revealed on TikTok that some men realised they were getting "used." She has thus suspended using Hinge to find a home for a few nights. Despite having plenty of cash for rent, Emily has still not found a place to live and continues couch-surfing with friends and living in her car.

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