LifestyleIdyllic Christiansø: A Hidden Danish Gem in the Baltic Sea

Idyllic Christiansø: A Hidden Danish Gem in the Baltic Sea

When in Denmark, you must visit this island.
When in Denmark, you must visit this island.
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27 June 2024 13:01

A unique piece of land in the Baltic Sea is inhabited by only about 100 people. It is a true paradise for fans of idyllic relaxation, diving, ornithology, and history. We reveal how to reach the island and what might impress you.

Christiansø, part of the Ertholmene archipelago, is close to the much more popular Danish island, Bornholm.

Residents of the Danish islet

The Danish island of Christiansø is currently inhabited by only about 100 people. However, a much larger number of tourists visit it each year, reaching even tens of thousands. The residents ensure that the island, designated a nature reserve, still exudes the atmosphere it had during King Christian V.'s reign. The island owes its name to him.

Life for the small island community is difficult, partly due to the lack of fresh water sources. Additionally, residents are not allowed to own pets to prevent contamination of the water reservoirs. However, they can keep guinea pigs, chickens, geese, and rabbits. Permission is granted only if the enclosures for these animals are closed and fenced.

An interesting place for tourists

Although it is not an ideal place to live permanently, tourists eagerly visit the island. Crystal-clear water, as well as the abundance of bladderwrack and other underwater vegetation, attract diving enthusiasts. Additionally, in the northern and southern parts of the island, wooden remains of shipwrecks can be found on the seabed.

The islet has an area of 0.22 km²
The islet has an area of 0.22 km²© Adobe Stock | Picasa 2.7

Idyllic relaxation in the open air is accompanied by bird singing. Various seabirds nest on the island, including several species of gulls, ducks, guillemots, and auks. It is an ideal place for them because, due to the almost complete lack of animals, they have no predators there.

During hiking tours around the island, one can admire the surprising vegetation of such a place, including mulberry and fig trees.

The easiest way to reach the island is by mail, boat, or yacht from Bornholm. Travelling one way takes about 1.5 hours.

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